Plastic Surgery Marketing Gets Money For Games

So, let me just start this off by saying that if you are a plastic surgeon, and you have your own private practice in San Diego, please do yourself a favor and check out Keen Ace Marketing. They are located in San Diego and it’s a really small team of highly skilled individuals that will make you more money.

Even the owner does work. He does the most important part of the whole business at that. He does the marketing, with a specialty in seo. While they do work for any type of business, they like to specialize in Keen Ace Plastic Surgery Medical Marketing.

The thought is, it takes the same amount of effort every single time to rank someone’s website, so why not go for the top. The funny thing is that, in his spare times he likes to play a lot of popular video games.

But anyway, to get back on point, if you’re a plastic surgeon who is just starting out on their own practice and wants more leads, or if you just want more leads and need a revamp of your site call them. You won’t regret when you call Keen Ace SEO and they get you a whole bunch of leads. Your wallet will surely thank you as well.

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Free Basic Hearthstone Guides

I’m pretty new to hearthstone, but there is a site called Hearthstone Players, and they give out free Hearthstone Strategy Guide as well as paid versions. It’s really nifty. You can basically pay $5 a month, and get ridiculously good content about playing hearthstone from a brand that has its own team now and sponsored players.


Basically, I learned everything about the basic mechanics of the game and all the special lingo. Learn things like tempo, board control, the key turns of certain classes, etc. They also keep you up to date what the current meta of the game is (how things are being played) so you know what you can expect from class
I learned how to create a basic paladin and warrior deck with their Hearthstone Deck Builder since I don’t have many cards as I haven’t put in a lot of time or money into the game. And i’ve done pretty well in my low rank. It’s a really fun game that is free to play. It’s not as weird and time extensive as league of legends, and best of all it’s solo. I can’t stand playing league jes and other players.
ust because i have to rely on teammates.
Anyway, back to the point at hand, they show you what cards to put into each deck and substitutions if you don’t have all the cards to make a current constructed deck. I think the next deck i’m going to try is the oil rogue just because throughout my life i’ve loved playing thief or rogue type classes. It plays fast apparently.


Paleo Lifestyle

When you want to change your life for the better, as in get in shape and have a better body. Nothing works better than a lifestyle change that involves exercise and most importantly your nutrition. I came across this blog about paleo mma nutrition and it was pretty interesting.

They don’t write crazy long articles like I do. They get straight to the point and give you actionable plans you can implement. The blog is my mma diet and it’s really cool.

Of course they try to sell you products but the way they do it is totally non salesy. They just suggest the products that they use themselves which I find great because a lot of youtubers and blogs that I have read in the past and still do, they push products they don’t even use themselves. Well sometimes they’ll wear the apparel unless its abysmal but more often than not they try to push high price products with horrible ingredients.

What they have taught me were some easy tips to lose weight and I’ve implemented it the past month and I’ve already lost 5 pounds and you can see the difference.

I am a living testimony for this blog. You know how hard It’s been for me to lose 5 pounds? I’ve been wanted to lose 2 pounds for a year and I couldn’t do it because I would eat bad stuff I thought was healthy for me.

If you’re into trying out something new I’d totally check them out, they even have mymma meal plans with workout routines.


Marketing For Medical Gamers

The headline for this article is quite funny. I mean medical gamers. Yeah yeah I know it might be a bit misleading BUT, everyone loves to play games. It’s in our DNA. I mean even when we were cavemen we would play with each other when we had some down time.

Anyway, I came across this website for this plastic surgeon in san diego who clearly has hired a great medical marketing business to do his stuff. His name is Dr. Mark Mofid and I did a little bit of research on him and he’s quite the surgeon. If you are in need of Cosmetic Surgery I would go to his office.

Rhino Plasty

He’s been featured in videos on youtube and even won some awards. I went down to his office to get a consultation to remove some of my fat because let’s be honest I don’t like the way I look right now and I really don’t want to go to the gym. Yeah yeah blame it on the addicting games I play and Dorito dust I consume but whatever it’s my choice right?

So yeah he always keeps up on his medical techniques and is a very down to earth person. He is very very intelligent not just book smart. His office is in la jolla and easy to get to, practically right off the freeway.

Breast Augmentation procedures are top of the line as well as the nose jobs he does.


Gamer Plastic Surgeon Marketing

There are a lot of gamers out there. Some who are lazy and don’t really do anything. Some of them actually make a living off gaming (now that would be the dream), and a very few of them are really wealthy people who can buy all the games they want, but just don’t have enough time.

I was talking to a marketer the other day who markets in the medical field. Basically he helps plastic surgeons, brain surgeons, heart surgeons, etc. make more money. But anyway, there are also a small group of people who are extremely good at a really popular game and they make a bunch of money.

I came across a site called GGEazy and I was talking to the owner and he was telling me how he makes money by boosting people’s accounts in a game called league of legends. Now I play that game and I’m god awful at it. So what some people do, they’ll pay people like them to boost their account to high ranks so they can feel better about themselves. I thought that was fascinating and I asked him how much they charge and he couldn’t give me a straight answer. He says it depends on what rank they want and what rank they are currently. So on average its around 100 bucks. But there are some people who want the super high ranks so they’re paying about 300 bucks or more.


How A Plastic Surgeon Who Uses SEO Makes Money And Supports Video Game Hobby

We all are different and have different hobbies. But one of the funniest things is that plastic surgeons and any doctor for that matter are the same as you and I. The ones that have their own private practices, get way more patients by advertising on google and using SEO to get more than 50% of the traffic.

Now you can imagine how much money they’ll get. What do you think the average cost is for your average operation? It’s up there in the thousands. The funny thing is what do you think they will spend their money on? After using their free flowing cash paying the bills for their car and house payments. A lot of them play video games.

It’s funny, I remember I was talking to a surgeon once and they said they play League of legends games in the operating room when they have to wait for certain things to set in like anesthesia or waiting for a clot to lightly form before they can operate.

The fact that they make money using SEO services to increase their plastic surgery practice so they can spend real money on those games we play for free simply because we don’t wanna spend Real life money on it because we can’t afford it is funny to me.