Free Basic Hearthstone Guides

I’m pretty new to hearthstone, but there is a site called Hearthstone Players, and they give out free Hearthstone Strategy Guide as well as paid versions. It’s really nifty. You can basically pay $5 a month, and get ridiculously good content about playing hearthstone from a brand that has its own team now and sponsored players.


Basically, I learned everything about the basic mechanics of the game and all the special lingo. Learn things like tempo, board control, the key turns of certain classes, etc. They also keep you up to date what the current meta of the game is (how things are being played) so you know what you can expect from class
I learned how to create a basic paladin and warrior deck with their Hearthstone Deck Builder since I don’t have many cards as I haven’t put in a lot of time or money into the game. And i’ve done pretty well in my low rank. It’s a really fun game that is free to play. It’s not as weird and time extensive as league of legends, and best of all it’s solo. I can’t stand playing league jes and other players.
ust because i have to rely on teammates.
Anyway, back to the point at hand, they show you what cards to put into each deck and substitutions if you don’t have all the cards to make a current constructed deck. I think the next deck i’m going to try is the oil rogue just because throughout my life i’ve loved playing thief or rogue type classes. It plays fast apparently.