How A Plastic Surgeon Who Uses SEO Makes Money And Supports Video Game Hobby

We all are different and have different hobbies. But one of the funniest things is that plastic surgeons and any doctor for that matter are the same as you and I. The ones that have their own private practices, get way more patients by advertising on google and using SEO to get more than 50% of the traffic.

Now you can imagine how much money they’ll get. What do you think the average cost is for your average operation? It’s up there in the thousands. The funny thing is what do you think they will spend their money on? After using their free flowing cash paying the bills for their car and house payments. A lot of them play video games.

It’s funny, I remember I was talking to a surgeon once and they said they play League of legends games in the operating room when they have to wait for certain things to set in like anesthesia or waiting for a clot to lightly form before they can operate.

The fact that they make money using SEO services to increase their plastic surgery practice so they can spend real money on those games we play for free simply because we don’t wanna spend Real life money on it because we can’t afford it is funny to me.