Paleo Lifestyle

When you want to change your life for the better, as in get in shape and have a better body. Nothing works better than a lifestyle change that involves exercise and most importantly your nutrition. I came across this blog about paleo mma nutrition and it was pretty interesting.

They don’t write crazy long articles like I do. They get straight to the point and give you actionable plans you can implement. The blog is my mma diet and it’s really cool.

Of course they try to sell you products but the way they do it is totally non salesy. They just suggest the products that they use themselves which I find great because a lot of youtubers and blogs that I have read in the past and still do, they push products they don’t even use themselves. Well sometimes they’ll wear the apparel unless its abysmal but more often than not they try to push high price products with horrible ingredients.

What they have taught me were some easy tips to lose weight and I’ve implemented it the past month and I’ve already lost 5 pounds and you can see the difference.

I am a living testimony for this blog. You know how hard It’s been for me to lose 5 pounds? I’ve been wanted to lose 2 pounds for a year and I couldn’t do it because I would eat bad stuff I thought was healthy for me.

If you’re into trying out something new I’d totally check them out, they even have mymma meal plans with workout routines.